The East Tennessee region is mountainous and difficult.

So any professional well maintenance working in service of water wells and pumps would need to know everything about maintaining, troubleshooting, installing and removing well systems in challenging terrain. Ownby Well & Pump Services manages this with 35 years of experience in this industry.

Our Services Include:

  • Enlarging Well Reserve.
  • Well Water Analysis.
  • Well Maintenance.
  • Well Repair.
  • Well Blockage Removal.
  • Drilling For New Well Space.
  • Install Or Replace Holding Tank.
  • Maintenance On Holding Tank.
  • Water Filtering.
  • Pump Maintenance.
  • Pump Replacement And Installation.
  • Waterflow Analysis And Troubleshooting.
  • Replacement For Cycle Stop Valves.
  • Maintenance Or Replacement For Pressure Switches.
  • Maintenance Or Replacement For Motors In Submersible Pump Systems.
  • Valve Replacement Or Maintenance.
  • Conversion Of Pump Systems – Single To Double, Submersible, Etc.
  • Emergency Water System Installation.
  • Ditching.
  • Excavations For Water Lines And Electricity Lines.
  • Well Heads Replacements And Upgrades.
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance.

Talk with us about a complete water system for your home.

Working with the industries top quality brands, we work to deliver the best quality service available for your well drilling needs.

If you need the best in well and pump maintenance services, contact us today at 865-548-6461.